Web Hosting

Web Hosting through Bispage has revolutionizedthe ease of doing business, providing a leading-edge over others. We power the city's largest cloud platform for small and independent ventures.

Since the advent of web hosting in 2002, we had a smooth ride in Web Hosting. Bispage enables people to create their online presence FREE. Our web hosting services helps all to share with their friends and connect with the online world.

Bispage offers you multiple web hosting services to capitalize on the increased net traffic.Web hosting can be explained on the requirements of the customer as mentioned below:

Consider the Web Hosting as an apartment or a complex. This is like a huge building or in computer terms as a server where hundreds of people live. (Computer terms--- Websites)

The complex would require you to pay for all the resources you need. However, you pay less since you are sharing with multiple residents.

If the shared web hosting is like an apartment, then VPS (Virtual Private Server) is like a town-home. You are able to enjoy all the upgraded resources and sharing with people. This enables you to have more influence and power,with a bit more cost.

On the other hand, Dedicated Servers , seem similar to a single tenant house. Here you are the sole boss. Though this costs more, yet you receive high traffic and resource intensive websites when needed.

Bispage offers you someof the famous web hosting types like:

Business web Hosting: It needs more speed and easy resources with an easy to use cPanel dashboard. Business Hosting oriented for Business professionals likeyou. We recommend this type for Business websites.

Economy Web Hosting: Targeted for people who need an affordable solution that’s fast, secure and reliable. We are supported by a 24/7 team.

Managed WordPress:Especially for WordPress users. This gives a perfect choice forthose with technical tasks like setups, updates. These are mostly recommended for blogs, websites and web stores.

Why trust Bispage for Web Hosting?

  • Before you decide on a plan, you need to decide on a hosting company. Our companies rent servers or outsource their technical support. We are proud to own and manage our servers, security and expert hosting support, which is available 24/7.
  • Domain Registration

  • Bispage helps you widen your world of opportunities with Domain Registration in web hosting. What if the domain you bought doesn't work? Therefore, it's a wise decision not to brand your business with domains that do not work.
  • Here are a few tips to consider before selecting a good domain name.
  • Short, memorable and pronounceable
  • Free from hyphens, numbers and misspellings
  • Free from copyright names
  • Descriptive of your brand name or business
  • Innovative ( for emerging businesses)
  • Bispage can assist you in acquiring a .tech domain for your online business as listed:
  • We incorporate buzz words.
  • We help you to be a visionary.
  • We help you speak to your industry
  • We are geo-specific helping you blend with geographical areas.
  • We help you use your brand name for promoting your business.

Server Space

The Web Space referred to as storage space or disk space is the amount of space on a web server that's allocated by web hosting companies. It amounts to the space consumed by all text files, images, scripts, databases, emails and other related files.

Email Account Creation

  • Emails are sources of business promotion. We at Bispage, help you build emails that:
  • Stay safe with industry leading spam and virus filters with best in class security.
  • Look more professional.
  • Work your way. That's being compatible with Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and other clients.
  • Stay organized
  • At Bispage, we offer web hosting with sufficient disk space from small personal web page to complex company web page or an online e-commerce store.
  • Are you interested to work with us..?