Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster Tools creation or The Search Console is a free software/ service provided by Google to manage the technical deficiencies of your website. These tools provided through Google Search Console, help your website to be analyzed, complied and published on Google.

This Google Webmaster Tools or Search Console permits you to monitor your websites performance, submit content for indexing on Google, recognize the issues with website growth, remove or expel the content you do not need to index, explore the inquiries of the guest posts, back-links and many more.

How to access this Search Console or Google Webmaster Tool?

Google needs to know who the prime user is, for setting up a free account in your inbox. And so, you need to create or Login to the Google Account such as Gmail or Google +.

Once the account is active, you may need to visit the link below

  • and then click on Add Site.
  • In the Add a site pop-window, type in your websites URL and click on Continue.
  • Next, you need to verify whether you are the site owner or not. Click on the "Alternate Methods" tab to see them.

    If the website has Google Analytics and you have the permission, verify by :

  • Select the radio button next to Google Analytics.
  • Click on the Verify button. Now you are ready to fly with the Search Console.

    If in case you don't own a Google Analytics Account, choose one of the three methods:

  • Select the "HTML TAG" to edit your websites HTML Code.
  • Highlight and copy the text Google displays. Now open the home page of your website in the website editor. Paste this Code in the META TAG section in the section of the code. Next, click on Save Changes to Save the Code.
  • Now, verify to finish the setting upof the Google webmaster tools creation process.

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