Linkedin is a professional community network. It is to find good jobs, professional people and many more…

Different types of accounts are provided by Linkedin for different purposes.

  1. Basic Account.
  2. Sales Navigator
  3. Premium Business.

We can share posts, video content, pdf files, etc. on this platform. We can properly manage our account after analyzing contacts, connections, followers, groups, pages hashtags, and so on. Job postings, tracking facility, notifications, everything is a part of Linkedin job seekers standards.

Quick facts.

  1. It has more than 500 million users.
  2. Sortune 500 mompanies are on this platform as priority network.
  3. B2B Marketers consider it as their favourite platform.
  4. Students consider it as their best friend for a good job.

This platform is widely used by Digital marketing companies, Sales professionals, Managers, Bloggers, Doctors, Engineers, Businesses men and a variety of people.

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Finding out the types of the audience who are searching for your services is very important in online marketing. Here is the importance of Linkedin Demographic.


It is very interesting that mutually accepted first-degree connections can be used to develop third-degree connections through second-degree connections. We can understand the importance of this connection when going to the fact that millions of millionaires are using LinkedIn which includes professional job seekers and corporate job providers. Can you believe that there are 3 million MBA graduates on LinkedIn?

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